Executive Hobo Tours has offered since 1988 custom freight rides and worldwide adventures for executives and businessmen and women. Hobos are America’s historic backbone, and there have been a few millionaire and even President hobos, but this is the first service to train them. Most of them ride for the first time for perspective as boxcar tourists. After that, few can resist the highball call to a vacation. A King of the Road, after decades of riding, sits in the warmest spot near the campfire to prove himself with stories of the fast freight. An Executive climbs in the business world by making the fastest decisions that are correct. The meeting place of the Kings of the Road and the Executive is the American Dream. The King wishes dearly to pursue the financial American dream, and the Exec asks, ‘Do I dare to live the American Dream of independent travel?’

Your guide is Steve ‘Doc Bo’ Keeley, a veterinarian, former national racquet champion, and has traveled to 105 countries on a shoestring, and hiked the lengths of Florida, Colorado, Vermont, California, Death Valley, and Baja. He has ridden 400 freights, taught a college sociology course ‘Hobo Life in America’, been featured in Sports Illustrated and Mother Jones to the London Times, and is the author of 25 books including Executive Hobo: Riding the American Dream.

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